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New Construction Inspections in Huntsville, Walker County & Surrounding Areas

New Construction Inspections

Brand new homes are a breath of fresh air for buyers. The pesky task of maintaining older homes can be a chore, with various owners in its past and unexpected issues arising. A newly built home, with you serving as its first and only tenant, gives you a clean slate to begin your family's journey of home ownership. 

Another perk in buying a new home is that most home builders offer a one-year warranty on their work, committing to fixing any issues or defects that arise within that timeframe that may have been caused by the construction process. That's an excellent resource to take advantage of and keep your new home feeling new!

We offer 11th-month home inspections specifically for this purpose. Before the warranty expires, we'll provide an inspection to identify any areas of concern that are covered within your one-year warranty, allowing you use that coverage to fix them instead of inheriting the cost of those repairs.

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Schedule yours with us ahead of time to make sure we can get you the documentation you need before warranty expiration. Use the button below to call and schedule yours today!

Want To Stay Ahead On Your Home Maintenance?

Our annual home maintenance inspections offer you a regular service to identify areas that could evolve into much bigger repairs if gone unnoticed or unaddressed, eliminating surprise costs.

Proudly Serving Walker, Brazos, Grimes, Galveston, Harris, Houston, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Tyler Counties

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