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Listing Inspections in Huntsville, Walker County & Surrounding Areas

Listing Inspections

If you're selling a home, you want optimal value in exchange for the keys. When you enter into a contract with a potential buyer, surprises are the last thing you want to encounter. A great proactive step to avoid that is a listing inspection.

By performing a listing inspection on your home, you can maintain accurate expectations of what your home should sell for on the open market. You'll be able to make decisions on whether or not to address issues ahead of time and keep them from becoming snag in the contract negotiation process. This will also give the realtor tasked with selling your home the ability to communicate more clearly with potential buyers, and deliver home shoppers that are more likely to make an offer.

Additionally, every mortgage lender is going to require a purchase inspection of the home by the buyer. The findings of that inspection impact the contract negotiations significantly. A listing inspection provides you with your own documentation on issues that could arise in the purchase inspection, leading to a much more informed perspective on the part of the buyer.

An example of the report you'll receive from our listing inspections can be found below.

Is Your Home Builder's Warranty Expiring?

Most contractors offer a one-year warranty on new homes. We offer 11th-month home inspections to identify any issues that your home builder's warranty would cover before it expires.

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